Nguyen Ha Thanh

Based in Tokyo, my expertise centers around Business Law and Information Science with a particular emphasis on AI and Law research, while actively contributing to the AI and Juris Informatics community. As side activities, I advise startups on aspects related to AI and state-of-the-art technology, participate in investments, and engage in content creation.

Research Interests

AI and Law

Deep Learning, Legal Text Analytics, Long Document Processing, Explainability / Interpretability of NLP models, Game Theory, Game Intelligence, Logical Reasoning, Fairness & Robustness of NLP models, Information Retrieval, Low-resource Legal AI, Legal Information Extraction, Legal Knowledge Representation, Smart Contract, RegTech

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I obtained two bachelor’s degrees from Vietnam National University, one in Information Technology and another in Law.


I secured the distinction of valedictorian while earning my PhD in Information Science from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.


Honda Y-E-S Award

In 2015, I was one of the 10 recipients of the prestigious and highly competitive Honda Y-E-S Award, honoring exceptional achievements in engineering and science.

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ITPEC – Topgun

In 2016, I was one of two Vietnamese representatives for the ITPEC TopGun candidates, fostering collaboration between IT professionals in Japan and Asian countries.

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COLIEE – Dual Task Winner

In 2020, I played a significant role in the JNLP team and contributed to our notable achievements of winning first place in both Task 2 and Task 4 at the COLIEE competition.

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Most of my repositories are private. However, you may want to know this information in case we collaborate together.

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You can find my publications and research interest here. I am quite lazy updating my publication in multiple sites.

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Feel free to connect and send me some messages if you need (to offer) some help. Looking forward to seeing you.

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