Basic Guidelines for Scientific Writing

Basic Guidelines for Scientific Writing

April 1, 2023 Blog 0

In the realm of science, where truth we seek,
To uncover mysteries, both strong and weak,
A scientific article, our words shall be,
To share our findings, for all to see.

Begin with a title, clear and concise,
Reflecting the essence, without a disguise.
An abstract follows, a summary so brief,
To captivate minds, spark interest and belief.

The introduction sets the stage, you see,
Of questions and theories, of what might be.
State the problem and purpose, so all understand,
The reason for research, in this vast, wondrous land.

The literature review, a vital part,
Acknowledging others, their work and their heart.
Explore theories and findings, the knowledge they shared,
Show how your study adds depth, how you dared.

Now delve into methods, the tools of the trade,
Describe every detail, be not afraid.
For others may follow the steps you have laid,
Repeating your work, with confidence displayed.

The results come forth, with numbers and charts,
A tale of discovery, where knowledge departs.
Interpret each finding, but let facts shine through,
For data must speak, clear, honest and true.

In the discussion, do not shy away,
From challenges faced, from darkness to day.
Compare to prior works, seek context and cause,
Show the impact of your study, without a pause.

Conclusions shall wrap up, the journey, the quest,
Restate the key findings, the fruits of your test.
But leave room for the future, for questions remain,
Science is ever-evolving, a never-ending terrain.

Finally, acknowledge those who lent their support,
From mentors to colleagues, in every report.
For science is a pursuit, a collective embrace,
A dance of discoveries, transcending time and space.

So follow this guide, and let your work shine,
In a scientific article, a testament of time.
For knowledge is a gift, to share and to grow,
In the endless pursuit, of the unknown below.