Three reasons not to try to be a know-it-all

Three reasons not to try to be a know-it-all

July 23, 2020 Blog 0

Do you ever feel pressured to try to act like you know everything all the time? Obviously you don’t need and shouldn’t. Here are 3 reasons:

1. No one can know everything

Information in the current world is born continuously and is constantly increasing. 90% of the data on the Internet was created in the last two years. Therefore, it is impossible for one person to know everything. No matter how excellent and sophisticated the human brain is, it has its limits. And what we know is only a very small part compared to the information of the world out there.

Of what little the brain can remember, please remember: “No one can know everything”. If you are a space scientist who knows all about space, you may not know how to cook porridge properly. In contrast, the top chefs of a five-star hotel can succumb to differential equations or logical propositions.

Even if you try to sound like you know everything in your field, you’re making a huge mistake. Knowledge even in a very narrow field is extremely rich and there are many things that science has not yet reached. Newton’s famous theory of universal gravitation is still disproved when people study black holes. Obviously, only fools are confident that they know everything.

2. No one bathes twice in the same river

This may disappoint you, but let’s be honest with each other that things change and what we knew yesterday may no longer be true. Those things can be knowledge, experience, skills, beliefs, ideology, moral values and so on. There were times when trading was a low-class activity but today it is. was honored as a noble profession. On the contrary, there are people who are honored and respected by society now.

You may know a lot, but the future is always a mystery. No one can know what he believes in, is proud of or worships in the future. Your thoughts do not come naturally, it forms and is influenced by the views and beliefs of those around you. Then one day those beliefs become obsolete and you become an irrational entity if you keep believing in those thoughts.

“Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean you have to believe it completely”.

3. Honesty is better than knowing it all

At this point, everything seems to be clear. No one can know everything and what we know about this world is only temporary. Then those who pretend to know everything are just scared lambs or old wolves trying to win people’s trust. Whether it’s a lamb or a wolf, that’s clearly not a good attitude.

Many in our society overestimate clever skills, use “tricks” to their advantage, and underestimate the power of self-esteem. Underestimating self-esteem is a risk that leads to the collapse of the entire society. Instead of creating new value, people focus their minds on deceiving each other and there will come a time when even the rich will cry because even the smallest transactions can’t be done because of lack of trust between them. people and people.

If you’re trying to be know-it-all, you’re either contributing to the rapid collapse of society, or at least you’re losing your self-esteem and making it hard for others to trust you. So how to improve the situation? Let’s start with a simple statement.

I don’t know